This is the official website of The Omnivore Indian. I have started this website to complement my official YouTube channel, The Omnivore Indian, where I post my food and drink recipe videos.

I am a die hard foodie, unburdened by any food and drink prejudices. It is my endeavour to introduce Indians to different world cuisines and non- Indians to everyday, as well as, gourmet Indian dishes. Many of my recipes are completely original, innovative recipes, combining a variety of culinary styles and improvised using the ingredients, that I have in my fridge or store cupboard.While I cook many traditional recipes, my creative spirit excels in experimenting with new ingredients, to give a modern and often, fusion twist, to old favourites.

My YouTube videos are quite self- explanatory and the go- to site for the recipes I cook. The blog, on the other hand, is going to be more of a personal account, of my thinking behind the recipes that I have cooked or plan to cook.

I cannot guarantee that my blog posts are going to be only confined to eating and drinking, since I am often enamoured by the other little joys that life has to offer. I am a woman in love with life, and my blog posts are going to reflect that.I want you to enjoy your time with me, be it on my blog or YouTube channel.Cheers!